DC Comics Presents #83 (Superman & Batman And The Outsiders) Guest Host: Jimmy Anderson

DCCPShow 83

Episode #83 (Superman & Batman And The Outsiders)


Substituting for Guest Host Jimmy Anderson, who was substituting for Russell Bragg, will be Russell Bragg.  (all will be explained during the episode)  This time around we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #83.  First off, I will be bringing you some Listener Feedback.  (Yes…I grovel for more email, comments and I-Tunes Reviews.)  Next, we’ll have a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guests, Batman & The Outsiders.  After that, we will delve into today’s issue, DC Comics Presents #83. The episode closes with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

DC Comics Presents #79 (Superman & Clark Kent) Guest Host: Charlie Niemeyer

DCCPShow 79

Episode #79: Superman & Clark Kent

Clark Kent

Charlie’s Comic Brag

Superman: The Power Within

This episode will feature the podcast styling of Guest Host, Charlie Niemeyer. He will be going through all of the regular DC Comics Presents Show’s segments, but in the unmatchable Charlie Niemeyer podcasting style. First, Charlie has a Comic Brag to talk about.  Then you will hear a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, Clark Kent.  Next, Charlie takes you through this week’s issue, DC Comic Presents #79.  Charlie closes out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

Episode #69: DC Comics Presents #69 (Superman & Blackhawk)

DCCPShow 69

Episode #69: Superman & Blackhawk

Russell’s Comic Brag

World's Finest Comics 167
World’s Finest #167

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #69. The show starts with some Listener Feedback and I give an update for Facebook Page Likes and I-Tunes Rating. (and I grovel for more email, comments and I-Tunes Reviews) Next, we move on to everyone’s favorite segment; Russell’s Comic Brag, where I get to talk about another comic purchase .  Then, we have a Spotlight on Superman’s Guests, Blackhawk.  Next, we will delve into our issue, DC Comics Presents #69.  The episode closes with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.