The DC Comics Presents Show – The Finale

The Finale

Episode: The Finale

Russell’s Comic Brag

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Well, this is it.  The final episode of “The DC Comics Presents Show“.  About the only usual segment you will be hearing is “Listener Feedback” and “Russell’s Comic Brag“.  After that, you will be hearing some statistics, answers to my survey questions, a few episode flashbacks, and my future plans.  ENJOY and Goodbye Podcast Listener!


2 comments on “The DC Comics Presents Show – The Finale

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  2. This Finale Episode of The DC Comics Presents Show Podcast was bittersweet for me. I really enjoyed listening to it, especially to hear the feedback from you guest hosts and other listeners, and it was great to hear the answers to your questions. Those were very thought-provoking. I am sad, though, that this is a bit of and “ending”. I know you’re planning to do more podcasting at this point, and you’ve covered all the issues of DC Comics Presents, so this particular podcast wouldn’t continue, but, still, …
    I am not ashamed to admit that I teared up a bit to hear Roy Rogers, the King of the Cowboys, singing “Happy Trails”. Thank you so much for that. You’ve given me quite a lot of recognition over the course of this show, but, somehow, this felt even more personal.
    I will be watching for any news of your activities, either in podcasting or in “real life”, and I’ll be sending post cards from time to time.
    Live long and prosper, my friend.


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