DC Comics Presents #88 (Superman & The Creeper) Guest Host: Shawn Marek

DCCPShow 88

Episode #88 (Superman & The Creeper)

Podcaster Extraordinaire, Shawn Marek takes over the DC Comics Presents Show chair for this episode.  (Shawn and I sort of tag team this one, as I will show up a little later in the show.)  Shawn starts the podcast with a short introduction followed by his Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, The Creeper.  After some podcast promos, Shawn gets into our issue, DC Comics Presents #88.  Before Shawn closes the show, I pop in and go to The Comic Spinner Rack to see what was on sale when our issue was on the stands.

Worst Collection Ever

I Can Talk Kayfabe


DC Comics Presents #87 (Superman & Superboy Of Earth-Prime)

DCCPShow 87

Episode #87 (Superman & Superboy)

Russell’s Comic Brag

Showcase Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown, Volume 1


I am once again in the podcasting chair..at least for this episode.  Today, we will be going through DC Comics Presents #87. The episode begins with some Listener Feedback, followed by a consecutive-episode edition of Russell’s Comic Brag. Next, a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, the Superboy from Earth-Prime.  After that, and for the first time in a long time, we have two stories to go through in our issue; DC Comics Presents #87. The show closes with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.