DC Comics Presents #79 (Superman & Clark Kent) Guest Host: Charlie Niemeyer

DCCPShow 79

Episode #79: Superman & Clark Kent

Clark Kent

Charlie’s Comic Brag

Superman: The Power Within

This episode will feature the podcast styling of Guest Host, Charlie Niemeyer. He will be going through all of the regular DC Comics Presents Show’s segments, but in the unmatchable Charlie Niemeyer podcasting style. First, Charlie has a Comic Brag to talk about.  Then you will hear a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, Clark Kent.  Next, Charlie takes you through this week’s issue, DC Comic Presents #79.  Charlie closes out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

4 comments on “DC Comics Presents #79 (Superman & Clark Kent) Guest Host: Charlie Niemeyer

  1. A nice episode! It was good to hear Charlie Niemeyer’s voice again in my podcast feed. I always enjoyed listening to his Superman in the Bronze Age podcast. I must say, it was a bit odd to see Superman teamed up with Clark Kent, and, even though I was familiar with the Venturan gamblers, Rokk and Sorban, I hadn’t guessed that they’d “split” Superman and Clark. I do wonder, though, what was behind the compulsion to switch from Clark to Superman, or Superman to Clark at odd moments. It doesn’t seem likely that Rokk and Sorban arranged that, at least not deliberately, because there doesn’t seem to be much point to that, from the point of view of their wager. I understand the disdain for super-ventriloquism, although I don’t share it, but I do wonder how even super-ventriloquism works in airless space.


    • Well, you see Dave, super-ventriloquism operates under the laws of silver/Bronze Age comic book physics. These are the same physics that allow Batman to wear a rubber mask over his cowl, and allow certain super humans to move planets without any ill effects.

      Thank you for the kind words by the way. I had a lot of fun with this episode.


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  3. Hey. I really loved this episode. Been playing catch-up with old releases of this podcast. Glad to see that Charlie Niemeyer is doing well. I didn’t discover Superman in the Bronze Age until it had ended, but I enjoyed them all. Any new podcasts out there starring Charlie? Later until next time.


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