DC Comics Presents #96 (Superman & Blue Devil)

Episode 96

Episode #96 (Superman & Blue Devil)

Russell’s Comic Brag

SMDM Charlton

The Six Million Dollar Man (Charlton)

This episode, we will be discussing DC Comics Presents #96. We begin with some Listener Feedback, followed by everyone’s favorite segment, Russell’s Comic Brag. (OK…I might be exaggerating!) Next, I will be giving a Spotlight for Superman‘s Guest, Blue Devil. After a Podcast Promo, we’ll get right into our book; DC Comics Presents #96. This issue has a “special insert” starring M.A.S.K. So I will do a short Spotlight on M.A.S.K. and then go through the insert. The show closes with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

2 comments on “DC Comics Presents #96 (Superman & Blue Devil)

  1. I enjoyed this one pretty well, because I liked the character of Blue Devil. He was a fairly unusual blend of technological and mystical powers, with a humorous slant. I didn’t know that the character was “cooked up” with Steve Ditko in mind. It’s a shame that Ditko didn’t want to work with the character. I think he’d have been really good for Blue Devil.
    This particular story was not a “Gee whiz, this is great!” story, but it was certainly better, in my opinion, than some of the stories in the last months of the DC Comics Presents title. With that in mind, I’m not really looking forward to your next episode’s coverage of the final issue in this series. I remember the Phantom Zone story, and I remember disliking it very much — almost as much as I dislike “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” I’m sure your coverage of it will be good, as usual, but I just don’t care for the issue itself, even aside from the fact that it signals the end of the series, and almost the end of this particular podcast, which I’ve enjoyed quite a lot over these past years.


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