2nd Annual Christmas Episode

Christmas 2015

2015 Christmas Episode

Russell’s Comic Brag

Marvels superhero battles
Marvel’s Greatest Superhero Battles

A trade paperback that reprints various superhero battles from the early days of Marvel, all written by Stan Lee. Each issue it prefaced by Stan Lee. There are a total of 12 battles including Hulk versus the Thing, Dr. Strange versus Mordo, Spider-Man versus Kingpin and many more.

Super Friends
The Super Friends

Super Friends was an ongoing comic book series published from 1976 until 1981. The title adapted the adventures of the popular Hanna-Barbera animated series, The Super Friends and took place outside of the established Pre-Crisis reality. Although the comic title is considered non-canon, the series is notable for introducing the characters that make up the Global Guardians.

This time out, we’ll be delving into the fifth story of the comic DC Special Series #21.  It’s a Superboy & The Legion Of Super-Heroes story entitled, “Star Light, Star Bright…Farthest Star I See Tonight!”  I have a couple of Comic Brags to talk about.  Finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack to see what Christmas Comics were available.


Episode #27: DC Comics Presents #27 (Superman & Manhunter From Mars)

Episode 27

Episode #27 (Superman & Martian Manhunter)

Martian Manhunter

Russell’s Comic Brag

Superboy 144
Superboy #144

After preventing an armored car heist, Superboy discovers his uniform is replaced with another one! When he goes home, Ma and Pa claim another boy is their son and Superboy. Then when he goes to the attic, Jor-EL and Lara attack him. Can Superboy figure out what’s going on and convince everyone that he’s the real Superboy?

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #27. I have one email to read as well as a Comic Brag to talk about.  I will be presenting the Spotlight for Superman’s Guest, J’onn J’onnz The Martian Manhunter. Our “Whatever Happened To..?” segment will delve into Congorilla (Congo Bill) where I will have a Spotlight Extra as well as the story itself. Finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.