DC Comics Presents #95 (Superman & Hawkman)

Episode 95

Episode #95 (Superman & Hawkman)

Russell’s Comic Brag

Jimmy Olsen #70

And once again after re-re-re-reclaiming the podcasting chair (for the final time…no more Guest Hosts), we will be discussing DC Comics Presents #95. The episode begins with some Listener Feedback, followed by everyone’s favorite segment, Russell’s Comic Brag. (OK…I might be exaggerating!) Next, I will be slightly updating the Spotlight for Superman‘s Guest, Hawkman. After a Podcast Promo, we’ll get right into our book; DC Comics Presents #95. The show closes with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack

2 comments on “DC Comics Presents #95 (Superman & Hawkman)

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  2. I must say that, so close to the end of this comic book series, it’s good to have an interesting story again. I’d been disappointed in many of the recent issues (but not with the coverage of them provided by you or your guest hosts). I always love seeing Superman and Hawkman teamed together, as humanoid alien heroes who have always worked well as Justice League teammates. This story has good action, and a credible threat in the person of Kasta. It’s a shame that no writers ever revisited this character, as a foe for Superman or for Hawkman. There was surely more that could have been done with him.
    I’m looking forward to next episode, with Superman and the Blue Devil, but I’m not eager for the approaching end of the podcast. I will be looking forward to your “finale” episode, if only to hear your final thoughts, and any feedback from your other listeners.


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