The DC Comics Presents Show – Crisis On Infinite Earths Special

COIE Special2

Crisis On Infinite Earths Special

DC-Comics-logo-early-Crisis-h1Crisis LogosDC-Comics-logo-Crisis-Infinite-Earths-h1Kill Supergirl

We’ll take a break from our DC Comics Presents issues and take a look at the great event that will be a focus in our comic over the next several weeks, Crisis On Infinite Earths.  I will have a short Spotlight on the event and then go a little more in-depth with information from my “Crisis On Infinite Earths Compendium“.

DC Comics Presents #84 (Superman & The Challengers Of The Unknown) Guest Host: Kirk Greenfield

DCCPShow 84

Episode #84 (Superman & The Challengers Of The Unknown)

This time around I will be splitting some of the duties with my Guest Host, Kirk Greenfield. Kirk starts with an introduction of himself and then will tell you about Superman‘s Guests with a Spotlight on The Challengers Of The Unknown.  Next, he will take you through DC Comics Presents #84. Finally, I will take us on a trip to The Comic Spinner Rack.

Imperius Rex: Confessions Of A Serial Surface Invader