DC Comics Presents #85 (Superman & Swamp Thing) Guest Hosts: Al Sedano & Brian Zino

DCCPShow 85

Episode #85 (Superman & Swamp Thing)

Al & Brian’s Comic Brag

AphroditeIX_09-1Aphrodite IX #9


This episode is brought to you by Guest-Hosts and fellow podcasters, Al Sedano and Brian Zino.  The show begins with an introduction by the two and then straight into a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, Swamp Thing.  Next up is some Comic Brags from both hosts.  After a podcast promo, Al and Brian delve into today’s issue DC Comics Presents #85.  I will close out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.


3 comments on “DC Comics Presents #85 (Superman & Swamp Thing) Guest Hosts: Al Sedano & Brian Zino

  1. Very well done, Mr. Sedano and Mr. Zino! I must admit that, overall, I have mixed feelings about the stories of Alan Moore, ranging from absolute hatred of “The Killing Joke” and “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?”, to a grudging admiration of “For the Man Who Has Everything”, to a genuine love of the delightful little tale of the Green Lantern (or should I say “F-Sharp Bell”?) in the Obsidian Dark of “In Blackest Night”, and “Mogo Doesn’t Socialize”, and this story, “The Jungle Line”. I think you two have done an excellent job of analyzing and reviewing this story, from noting the characters’ respect, even awe, of Superman, to commenting on Alan Moore’s fairly innovative writing and storytelling techniques here. I thank you, gentlemen, for a most enjoyable episode, and for reminding me of the fact that I do, actually, really love some of Moore’s work — a fact which some recent discussions of “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” had obscured for me. It’s always good to remember what I love about comics.


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  3. Nice job, Mr. Sedano and Mr. Zino. It is obvious that you have a great passion for this story and the works of Alan Moore and Swamp Thing. I listened while working on a model rocket, mixing some epoxy and gluing things together in my basement/workshop/sound studio. I found that I was enjoying your passion, your humor and wishing that I had the paper issue in front of me to read along. As it is, you filled the time admirably. And I was very pleased that I choose to listen in.


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