The DC Comics Presents Show – The Finale

The Finale

Episode: The Finale

Russell’s Comic Brag

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Well, this is it.  The final episode of “The DC Comics Presents Show“.  About the only usual segment you will be hearing is “Listener Feedback” and “Russell’s Comic Brag“.  After that, you will be hearing some statistics, answers to my survey questions, a few episode flashbacks, and my future plans.  ENJOY and Goodbye Podcast Listener!


DC Comics Presents #85 (Superman & Swamp Thing) Guest Hosts: Al Sedano & Brian Zino

DCCPShow 85

Episode #85 (Superman & Swamp Thing)

Al & Brian’s Comic Brag

AphroditeIX_09-1Aphrodite IX #9


This episode is brought to you by Guest-Hosts and fellow podcasters, Al Sedano and Brian Zino.  The show begins with an introduction by the two and then straight into a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, Swamp Thing.  Next up is some Comic Brags from both hosts.  After a podcast promo, Al and Brian delve into today’s issue DC Comics Presents #85.  I will close out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.


DC Comics Presents #84 (Superman & The Challengers Of The Unknown) Guest Host: Kirk Greenfield

DCCPShow 84

Episode #84 (Superman & The Challengers Of The Unknown)

This time around I will be splitting some of the duties with my Guest Host, Kirk Greenfield. Kirk starts with an introduction of himself and then will tell you about Superman‘s Guests with a Spotlight on The Challengers Of The Unknown.  Next, he will take you through DC Comics Presents #84. Finally, I will take us on a trip to The Comic Spinner Rack.

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