The DC Comics Presents Show – Crisis On Infinite Earths Special

COIE Special2

Crisis On Infinite Earths Special

DC-Comics-logo-early-Crisis-h1Crisis LogosDC-Comics-logo-Crisis-Infinite-Earths-h1Kill Supergirl

We’ll take a break from our DC Comics Presents issues and take a look at the great event that will be a focus in our comic over the next several weeks, Crisis On Infinite Earths.  I will have a short Spotlight on the event and then go a little more in-depth with information from my “Crisis On Infinite Earths Compendium“.

3 comments on “The DC Comics Presents Show – Crisis On Infinite Earths Special

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  2. An excellent summary of the internal workings of DC, leading to, and during the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event. I must say, when I was seeing the early appearances of the Monitor back in the early to mid-’80s, I assumed he was a new villain, and was very confused for quite some time during the actual “Crisis” stories, when it became clearer that he was not. Also, I must add that the death of Supergirl was the worst day of comic reading in my life. It still saddens me to think of it, especially combined with her “erasure” from DC continuity for some time. Only the story “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot” in Chrismas with the Superheroes #2 (1989) could redeem that moment, even slightly, for me, and that story still brings tears to my eyes, even now.


  3. To add another point, even as a boy, I was never confused about the multiverse, and the different versions of various heroes, or about which stories were in Earth-1 continuity and which were not. I thought at the time that the Crisis on Infinite Earths was a solution to a non-existent problem, and, although I have become resigned to it, since there’s really no choice, I don’t think that the resolution of “Crisis”, and all of its subsequent re-visits, have really improved very many things. That’s just my “old guy” opinion. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.


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