DC Comics Presents #80 (Superman & The Legion Of Super-Heroes) Guest Host: Billy Hogan

DCCPShow 80

Episode #80 (Superman & Legion Of Super-Heroes)

This time around you will be hearing from one of the great Superman podcasters, Billy Hogan.  Billy will tell you about his comic book history as well as his history with Superman‘s Guests, The Legion Of Super-Heroes.  He then will take you through today’s issue, DC Comics Presents #80.  Billy closes out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

Superman Fan Podcast

2 comments on “DC Comics Presents #80 (Superman & The Legion Of Super-Heroes) Guest Host: Billy Hogan

  1. It was fun to hear Billy Hogan guest-hosting here. He’s among my favorite podcasters, and I often comment on The Superman Fan Podcast under my screen name/secret identity of Halk-Kar. I’ve been a longtime fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes, going back to their earliest appearances in the 1950s, and I enjoyed this story, even with its flaws, like: How did/why the stargate deposit them into Brainiac’s trap back in the 20th Century? How did Ultra Boy hurt his hand by hitting a Superman robot? (Surely, if he’d thought it was really Superman, he’d have used his invulnerability when hitting him.) and, Why did Brainiac give up so easily in the end?
    To answer Billy’s question about why Superman’s heat vision couldn’t affect lead, that goes back to the time when Superman melted things using “the heat of his X-Ray vision”. Since lead was believed to be unaffected by X-Rays, this heat couldn’t affect lead, and when writers developed the idea of “heat vision” as a separate power, they retained this weakness, even though it made less sense.
    One small point, Billy. You frequently said “Elastic Lad” when I think you meant “Element Lad”. Not a big deal. Everyone misspeaks from time to time, and it was clear what you meant. Thanks for adding your skills and perspective to this, another of my favorite podcasts.


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