Episode #60: DC Comics Presents #60 (Superman & The Guardians Of The Universe)


Episode #60: Superman & The Guardians Of The Universe

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #60. We start this week’s episode with Listener Feedback. I get a chance to say I got an I-Tunes Review. (and once again I grovel for more email and comments)  Next, we have a Spotlight on Superman’s Guests, The Guardians Of The Universe.  Then, I will delve into our issue, DC Comics Presents #60.  Finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

2 comments on “Episode #60: DC Comics Presents #60 (Superman & The Guardians Of The Universe)

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  2. Well, if nothing else, when there’s a Guardian of the Universe along for the ride, we’re definitely not going to see “arrogant Superman”. Even at his most arrogant, he’s no match for a Guardian!
    It was good to hear the reference to Tomar-Re’s failed mission to save Krypton. I remember that story very well. It was a “World of Krypton” back-up story in Superman #257, called “The Greatest Green Lantern of All!” The title of that story doesn’t refer to Tomar-Re, but to Superman, himself. The Guardians had dispatched Tomar-Re to prevent the impending explosion of Krypton. They’d determined that both Jor-El and Lara would have made excellent Green Lanterns, and that their son would be the greatest Green Lantern of all. They planned to make him, when old enough, the leader of a Green Lantern Corps independent of the Guardians. When Krypton exploded despite Tomar-Re’s efforts, they guided Kal-El’s rocket to Earth, where, beyond even the Guardian’s expectations, he gained the powers that would make him Superman. The Guardians then abandoned their plan to make him leader of the Corps, reasoning that, when the universe creates a Superman, that’s what the universe needs.
    A further comment on the Legion of Substitute Heroes and their headquarters: When the team was originally formed, they made their own headquarters by digging a cave out of the side of a mountain, reminiscent of the original cave headquarters of the JLA. They didn’t have a building of their own until they recycled the Legion’s “rocket ship” clubhouse building. I don’t think they ever shared space with the Legion itself.


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