DC Comics Presents #90 (Superman & Firestorm: The Nuclear Man & Captain Atom) Guest Host: Aaron Moss & Jay Jones

DCCPShow 90

Episode #90 (Superman & Firestorm & Captain Atom)

This episode is brought to you by Guest-Hosts and fellow podcasters, Aaron Moss and Jay Jones.  The show starts with some comical and witty banter.  Next, Aaron & Jay talk about their histories with both Firestorm and Captain Atom.  Following that, Aaron gives a Spotlight on one of Superman‘s Guest, Firestorm: The Nuclear Man and Jay gives a Spotlight on Superman‘s other Guest, Captain Atom.  After some podcast promos, Aaron & Jay get into our issue, DC Comics Presents #90Aaron & Jay close out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

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Episode #45: DC Comics Presents #45 (Superman & Firestorm)

Episode 45

Episode #45 (Superman & Firestorm)


This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #45. A shorter episode this time around as we begin the episode with a Spotlight for Superman’s Guest, Firestorm.  And finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.


Episode #17: DC Comics Presents #17 (Superman & Firestorm)

Episode 17

Episode #17 Superman & Firestorm


Russell’s Comic Brag


Bring on the Bad Guys” by Stan Lee [1976]

Contains the first appearances of Dr. Doom, Dormammu, Loki, The Red Skull,
The Green Goblin, The Abomination, and Mephisto. Cover by John Romita.

This episode we delve into DC Comics Presents #17. First we delve into some listener feedback. I will be bringing another installment of the new feature called “Russell’s Comic Brag“. I will be doing a Spotlight on Superman’s Guest Star, Firestorm. Plus, we will go to the Comic Spinner Rack to see what other comics were on sale. Hope you enjoy!!