DC Comics Presents #90 (Superman & Firestorm: The Nuclear Man & Captain Atom) Guest Host: Aaron Moss & Jay Jones

DCCPShow 90

Episode #90 (Superman & Firestorm & Captain Atom)

This episode is brought to you by Guest-Hosts and fellow podcasters, Aaron Moss and Jay Jones.  The show starts with some comical and witty banter.  Next, Aaron & Jay talk about their histories with both Firestorm and Captain Atom.  Following that, Aaron gives a Spotlight on one of Superman‘s Guest, Firestorm: The Nuclear Man and Jay gives a Spotlight on Superman‘s other Guest, Captain Atom.  After some podcast promos, Aaron & Jay get into our issue, DC Comics Presents #90Aaron & Jay close out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

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3 comments on “DC Comics Presents #90 (Superman & Firestorm: The Nuclear Man & Captain Atom) Guest Host: Aaron Moss & Jay Jones

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  2. A good episode, gentlemen. I’ve enjoyed Captain Atom since his early adventures in Charlton (which I always pronounced as CARL-ton, for the alliteration) Comics back in the ’60s, because, yes, I’m old! I’ve also enjoyed Firestorm since his early adventures in the late ’70s, because, yes, I’m a lifelong comic book geek. I thought this story was a good combination of heroes because, of course, Superman is not only the star of the book; he’s SUPERMAN! And Captain Atom and Firestorm have powers that seem to make them a natural pairing. I thought Superman was almost a deus ex machina in this one, diagnosing the incompatibility of the Nuclear Heroes’ energies, and knowing the proper distance they should be separate to avoid problems, discovering Rayburn’s identity, and essentially causing Rayburn to neutralize himself, all with very little real explanation.
    I enjoyed the banter between the two of you, and your affection for these characters came through, throughout the episode. Thank you for a fun listen.


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