DC Comics Presents #82 (Superman & Adam Strange) Guest Host: Professor Alan

DCCPShow 82

Episode #82 (Superman & Adam Strange)

This time around you will be hearing from yet another Guest Host and a great podcaster in his own right, Professor Alan.  The good Professor will tell you about his comic book history as well as his history with Superman‘s Guests, Adam StrangeProfessor Alan is so good, I didn’t even have to put the stoppers in to announce the segments.  He does that himself.  Professor Alan will then take you through today’s issue, DC Comics Presents #82. The Professor closes out the show with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack as well as going through some of the ads in today’s issue.

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2 comments on “DC Comics Presents #82 (Superman & Adam Strange) Guest Host: Professor Alan

  1. A good story, here, well-covered by Professor Alan! I mentioned in a comment on last week’s episode, when I realized that this week’s episode would guest-star Adam Strange, that I’ve always seen Adam Strange as similar to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ character, John Carter of Mars, who, to me, was a precursor to Superman. In this issue, I, like Professor Alan, liked that the story really focused on Adam Strange,
    treating Superman as something of the guest-star. Superman is generous enough to give the spotlight to another hero.
    I do wonder what that strange “egg” was, that the Soviet planes were attacking when Superman was hit by the zeta beam, and whether that was addressed at some point. Maybe next issue.


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