DC Comics Presents Annual #3 (Superman & Shazam!) Guest Host: Ted Kilvington

DCCPShow Annual 3

Episode Annual #3: Superman & Shazam!


This episode will feature the podcast stylings of Guest Host, Ted Kilvington. He will be going through all of the regular DC Comics Presents Show’s segments, but with Ted’s own podcast style. You will hear the Comic Spinner Rack, a Spotlight on Dr. Sivana while directing the listener to my previous Spotlights on Captain Marvel. (Episodes #34 & #49) And let’s not forget about the comic itself. Ted does a synopsis as well as a page-by-page interpretation of DC Comics Presents Annual #3.

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2 comments on “DC Comics Presents Annual #3 (Superman & Shazam!) Guest Host: Ted Kilvington

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  2. Excellent job, Mr. Kilvington! You filled in admirably, while giving us listeners your own individual style. I look forward to hearing your coverage of Annual #4 with Superwoman, a character for whom I have ridiculous affection.


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