DC Comics Presents Annual #1 (Superman & Golden Age Superman) or A Visit From Back To The Bins

Annual 1

Episode Annual #1: Superman & Golden Age Superman

Superman Earth-2

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents Annual #1. The episode starts out with a Spotlight for Superman‘s Guest, The Golden Age (or Earth-2) Superman.  Next, and for the first time, I have Special Guests! To help me dissect this issue, I will be getting some help from Back To The Bins podcasters Paul Spataro and Bill Robinson.  Finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

Back To The Bins

2 comments on “DC Comics Presents Annual #1 (Superman & Golden Age Superman) or A Visit From Back To The Bins

  1. A wonderful episode! Thank you! This Annual is one of my very favorite issues of DC Comics Presents. I really enjoy the old DC Multiverse, and particularly ANY meeting between the Supermen of Earths 1 and 2. Throw in multiple Luthors, and I’m thrilled!

    I think it was great, too, that you had guests Paul Spataro and Bill Robinson. Don’t get me wrong: I love your solo episodes, but I’ve found that many of my favorite episodes of podcasts involve conversations between or among people. I think it’s more natural for the host to have direct back-and-forth conversation than to have a sort-of “imagined” conversation with an unseen, unheard, listener. It’s also fun for the listener, because it’s obvious that the three of you were enjoying yourselves and your conversation. I must say, the presentation of Earth-3’s Ultraman as Arnold Schwarzenegger was brilliant and hilarious.

    For next episode, I’m certainly looking forward to a team-up between Superman and Clark Kent. That should be a treat. I’m also looking forward to hearing how you mark the “halfway point” of the series.

    Thanks again for a SUPER episode of a SUPER show!


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