Episode #46: DC Comics Presents #46(Superman & The Global Guardians)

Episode 46

Episode #46 (Superman & The Global Guardians)

Russell’s Comic Brag
Flash 270-271

Flash #270 – While Barry Allen learns of Professor Gilbert Nephron’s untested process for reversing a criminal’s evil impulses, the Flash must deal with a silent criminal who dresses as a clown and uses deadly gadgets.
Flash #271 – The Flash escapes The Clown’s bomb blast. Meanwhile, several other plots are unfolding; Iris’ frustration towards her husband grows, the Flash continues to be sought by a female stalker, and Barry finally witnesses Dr. Nephron’s controversial criminal-rehabilitation procedure with Clive Yorkin. If that’s not enough, The Clown prepares his next caper by kidnapping two politicians and the president of the power company. He traps the Flash and places him atop an acrobatic gyroscope along with the other men. The four try to balance themselves on the electrical power-lines, while the Clown strikes a sinister chord causing the sputtering wires to smoke.

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #46. We will start the show with some Listener Feedback. (I also grovel for some email and I-Tunes Reviews)  Next, the long-awaited return of Russell’s Comic Brag.  I bring two books, not just one!  Next, I will be presenting a Spotlight for Superman’s GuestsThe Global Guardians.  And finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

3 comments on “Episode #46: DC Comics Presents #46(Superman & The Global Guardians)

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  2. Another interesting story. I didn’t know much about the Global Guardians, but this story seemed a good introduction of the team to readers who didn’t already know them from the “Super Friends”. I must say, you had some tough character names to pronounce in this one, didn’t you? On the character, Echidne, who, I assume is based on the Greek mythological creature, Echidna (Mother of Monsters), I would guess the “ch” in her name is pronounced like a “k” (Eh-KID-nee), since, in ancient Greek, that “ch” is pronounced as it is in “Christmas”, rather than as in “child”. Don’t concern yourself too much over it, though. As someone once told me, “Never criticize someone who mispronounces a difficult word. That just means that they learned it by reading, and reading is always good.”


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