Episode #27: DC Comics Presents #27 (Superman & Manhunter From Mars)

Episode 27

Episode #27 (Superman & Martian Manhunter)

Martian Manhunter

Russell’s Comic Brag

Superboy 144
Superboy #144

After preventing an armored car heist, Superboy discovers his uniform is replaced with another one! When he goes home, Ma and Pa claim another boy is their son and Superboy. Then when he goes to the attic, Jor-EL and Lara attack him. Can Superboy figure out what’s going on and convince everyone that he’s the real Superboy?

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #27. I have one email to read as well as a Comic Brag to talk about.  I will be presenting the Spotlight for Superman’s Guest, J’onn J’onnz The Martian Manhunter. Our “Whatever Happened To..?” segment will delve into Congorilla (Congo Bill) where I will have a Spotlight Extra as well as the story itself. Finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

2 comments on “Episode #27: DC Comics Presents #27 (Superman & Manhunter From Mars)

  1. Another fine episode. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Martian Manhunter, since I was a boy. One of the things I most enjoyed about him was that his human “secret identity” had, essentially, the same name (John Jones) as his real Martian name (J’onn J’onzz), and no one ever seemed to comment on that.
    I enjoyed, too, that, in your podcast, you used the theme from the old “My Favorite Martian” TV show as background. Excellent choice.
    I had forgotten about this particular issue of DC Comics Presents, but your synopsis brought it back to my mind quite well. I agree with you that an arrogant Superman is not one that I like to see, especially one who fights with the Martian Manhunter. I know that fights between superheroes has been a “thing” for decades, now, but I’ve rarely enjoyed the idea, especially between members of the Justice League, who, in my boyhood, were always quite good friends, and I like to think of them as such.
    I’m looking forward to your upcoming Christmas episode, and I hope you accomplish all the things you need to do during the following few months. Real life always takes precedence, so don’t worry. Your audience will still be here when you get back to the microphone.


    • Thanks Dave. It is bitter-sweet that I have to go for now. Many of the shows I listen to have done it now and then (Crisis To Crisis, Tales Of The JSA, etc.) So I don’t feel too bad about it. But I wanted to Thank You for the kind words. You seem to be my biggest booster and I really appreciate it. It would be great if my first episode back would have to be an email episode, but I don’t really forsee that! But a guy can dream!

      Thanks Again and I hope you have a great Christmas and 2016! Enjoy The Christmas Episode!

      Russell Bragg


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