DC Comics Presents #93 (Superman & The Elastic Four)

Episode 93

Episode #93 (Superman & The Elastic Four)

Russell’s Comic Brag

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #80


And once again re-re-reclaiming the podcasting chair for another episode, we will be discussing DC Comics Presents #93. The episode begins with some Listener Feedback, followed by everyone’s favorite segment, Russell’s Comic Brag. (OK…I might be exaggerating!) Next, I will be updating the Spotlights on two of Superman‘s Guests, Elongated Man and Plastic Man, while creating new ones for his other Guests, Elastic Lad and a mystery elastic villain.  After an appropriate Podcast Promo, we’ll get into our issue; DC Comics Presents #93. The show closes with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

Episode #39: DC Comics Presents #39 (Superman & Plastic Man)

Episode 39

Episode #39 (Superman & Plastic Man)

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #39. We start the episode with some Listener Feedback, including the long-awaited 10th I-Tunes Review.  Next up, I will be presenting a Spotlight for Superman’s Guest, Plastic Man.  Our “Whatever Happened To..?” segment will delve into Richard Dragon: Kung-Fu Fighter where I will have a Spotlight Extra on him as well as the story itself.  This episodes’ Hostess Ad comes courtesy of Tales Of The JSA, hosted by Scott Gardner and Michael Bailey.  And finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.