DC Comics Presents #88 (Superman & The Creeper) Guest Host: Shawn Marek

DCCPShow 88

Episode #88 (Superman & The Creeper)

Podcaster Extraordinaire, Shawn Marek takes over the DC Comics Presents Show chair for this episode.  (Shawn and I sort of tag team this one, as I will show up a little later in the show.)  Shawn starts the podcast with a short introduction followed by his Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, The Creeper.  After some podcast promos, Shawn gets into our issue, DC Comics Presents #88.  Before Shawn closes the show, I pop in and go to The Comic Spinner Rack to see what was on sale when our issue was on the stands.

Worst Collection Ever

I Can Talk Kayfabe


4 comments on “DC Comics Presents #88 (Superman & The Creeper) Guest Host: Shawn Marek

  1. Nicely done, Mr. Marek. Thank you! I have a few points that you might find interesting or useful. When you were describing the Creeper’s personality, I was reminded that I always thought of the Creeper as sort of “what the Joker might be, if he were a good guy”, that is, nuts, but doing good, for whatever reason. Also, as you were describing the Creeper’s activator (or maybe the activator button), I seem to recall that it was usually, at least in the early day’s of the character, shown as being embedded in his forearm, a bit below the inside of his elbow. Finally, I’m not sure you quite “got” the expression “stuffed shirt”, which the Creeper used to describe Superman. It wouldn’t really refer to Superman’s physique. A “stuffed shirt” usually describes someone of exaggerated self-importance, a pompous person, similar to “an empty suit”, a person lacking in personality or substance.
    Thanks again for this episode, and I hope to listen to more of your work.


  2. Looking forward to listening to this one, in light of BTTB recent Ditko tribute shoe. Having trouble finding a download button though…


  3. For this one, look near the top of this page, under the big picture of Superman holding this issue in each hand. Under that, Click on “Episode 88 (Superman & The Creeper”). That should take you to it.


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