Episode #72: DC Comics Presents #72 (Superman & The Joker & Phantom Stranger)

DCCPShow 72

Episode #72: Superman & The Joker & Phantom Stranger

Russell’s Comic Brag

Superman 204
Superman #204

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #72. The show starts with some Listener Feedback and I give an update for Facebook Page Likes and I-Tunes Rating. (Yes…I grovel for more email, comments and I-Tunes Reviews) After that, we move on to everyone’s favorite segment; Russell’s Comic Brag, where I get to talk about another comic purchase.  Then, we have an update on the Spotlight for Superman‘s two Guests, The Joker and Phantom Stranger.  Next, we will delve into our issue, DC Comics Presents #72.  Finally, we take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

3 comments on “Episode #72: DC Comics Presents #72 (Superman & The Joker & Phantom Stranger)

  1. I do enjoy the Phantom Stranger as a co-star with Superman, and, although I’m generally less fond of the Joker as a partner for Superman, he actually “works” in this story, I think. In fact, I wonder if this story was, at least in part, inspiration for the “Emperor Joker” story arc in the Superman titles in 2000, in which Joker steals most of Mr. Mxyzptlk’s powers and alters reality into a truly mad world in which the Joker reigns supreme. It was also interesting to see Maaldor again, since he had such great potential as a villain.
    In your “Spotlight” segment, updating details of the Phantom Stranger, you mentioned that he was a character in a video game, and was designated NPC, which you didn’t know the meaning of. I’m going to take a stab at that, as a complete “noob” to video games. In other “Spotlight” segments, you’ve sometimes noted that a particular character is a “playable character” in a game. I’m going to guess that NPC means “Non Playable Character”, perhaps a character that is part of the story, but which players cannot control. I could certainly be wrong, and I imagine someone will correct me if I am, but that’s my guess.


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