Episode #68: DC Comics Presents #68 (Superman & Vixen)

DCCPShow 68

Episode #68: Superman & Vixen

Russell’s Comic Brag

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Welcome to this 9-month hiatus ending episode. This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #68. I start the show with a couple of pieces of Listener Feedback. (and I grovel for more email, comments and I-Tunes Reviews) Next, we move on to everyone’s favorite section; Russell’s Comic Brag.  Then, we have a Spotlight on Superman’s Guests, Vixen.  Then, we will delve into our issue, DC Comics Presents #68.  The episode closes with a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

2 comments on “Episode #68: DC Comics Presents #68 (Superman & Vixen)

  1. Welcome back! It’s good to hear your voice in my earbuds again. I hope your time on hiatus was productive for you.

    I’ve never been a big fan of the character Vixen, and, perhaps because of that, I thought this particular issue was one of the weaker ones, but I have no complaint about your treatment of it. When I heard the name of the villain, my first thought was, “he must have been an actual naval admiral”, because, a typical “villain name” would be “Captain”, “Major”, or “General”, and “Admiral” seems out-of place. I liked your observation that we could tell he was a bad guy because he not only smoked, he used a cigarette holder. In listening to the synopsis and page-by-page description, I thought, at first, that the “video game to discover kids with the desired abilities” plot was very similar to that of the movie “The Last Starfighter”, but then I checked and found out that the movie game out about a year after this comic.

    In your Spinner Rack segment, you wondered if “Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger” was a relative of Ben Grimm. He *is* Ben Grimm, who, after the “Secret Wars” series, stayed on the Secret Wars Battle Planet, and had solo adventures for about 10 or 12 issues.

    Looking forward to your next episode with the Blackhawks (Hawkaaa!).


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