The DC Comics Presents Show – Hiatus Moment – Christmas 2016


Hiatus Moment (12/30/2016)

This time out I will be reading a couple of email and bragging about the “Geeky” Christmas loot I collected this year.  I also go over my comic/geeky “New Year’s Resolution” for 2017.

2 comments on “The DC Comics Presents Show – Hiatus Moment – Christmas 2016

  1. I enjoyed your Hiatus Moment and I’m glad you had a good Christmas and got some fun presents. I don’t know if you’re leaning in any particular direction when considering a post-“DC Comics Presents” podcast, but maybe you’ll want to consider a non-index show, where you have a general area of interest, but don’t necessarily go through a series issue-by-issue, along the lines of Bob Fisher’s “Superman Forever Radio” or Mario Bennese’s “Up, Up, and Away!” Maybe you’ll want to look at something from Marvel, even. I’ll probably listen to whatever you end up deciding to do, but, if I can put a little suggestion out there, I’ve been looking for a podcast devoted to what I call “the real Superboy”, that is, “Superman when he was a boy”, as in the Silver and Bronze ages, rather than the clone Superboy, or the Rebirth Superman’s son Jon. No matter what you decide, if you decide to continue podcasting after The DC Comics Presents Show, I’m sure I’ll be listening.
    Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017


  2. Hey, Dave! Yeah, we had a pretty good Christmas. Like I said, I wish it would have snowed a little, but it was nice. “The Real” Superboy is definitely one that I am considering. Along with The Super Friends, Savage She-Hulk, and “The Real” Supergirl. I may even, with Charlie Niemeyer’s permission, tackle Superman In The Bronze Age. I just don’t have anything concrete. I guess I do have a little while to pursue any and all options. I appreciate your comments and suggestions. I’ll be talking to you again soon!


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