Episode #55: DC Comics Presents #55 (Superman & Air Wave) [with special Guest Stars: Superboy & The Golden Age Air Wave]


Episode #55: Superman & Air Wave

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #55. We get right into the episode this week with a Spotlight on Superman’s Guest, Air Wave.  Then, I will get into our issue, DC Comics Presents #55.  Finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

One comment on “Episode #55: DC Comics Presents #55 (Superman & Air Wave) [with special Guest Stars: Superboy & The Golden Age Air Wave]

  1. Like you, I always enjoy seeing the “real” Superboy (Superman when he was a boy), and his appearance here was fun. I must disagree with you, though, about why the Golden Age Airwave told Superboy to “get lost”. As I recall the original appearance of Gold Kryptonite, back in Superman’s first encounter with Quex-Ul, Superman initially has no idea what Gold Kryptonite is, or what it does, until Quex-Ul demonstrates its effect on a Kryptonian creature. It seems unlikely that Superboy, let alone a Brooklyn District Attorney, would know about Gold K. I imagine that Air Wave was simply uncomfortable having a boy, especially one he didn’t really know, fighting crime, so he just wanted to get him out of there as quickly as possible, even at the risk of being rude to him.
    Another reason I imagine that Superboy, at the time, didn’t know what Gold K was, is that he probably saw the Gold K, but didn’t recognize what it was, and that memory stayed buried until he was Superman, reflecting at the beginning of the story, on his encounters with Gold Kryptonite.
    I could be completely off-base, but that’s my two cents’ worth.


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