Episode #52: DC Comics Presents #52(Superman & The New Doom Patrol)

Episode 52

Episode #52 (Superman & The New Doom Patrol)

Russell’s Comic Brag

Famous First Edition C-28
Famous 1st Edition (C-28)

Famous First Edition was a series of oversized reprints of original Golden Age comics.  Famous First Edition reprinted the comics in their entirety, including any paid advertising and other features that appeared in the original.  C-28 reprints Detective Comics #27, the legendary issue that introduced The Batman to the world.  The first Batman story was titled  “The Case Of The Chemical Syndicate” .  In his first case, the Bat-Man investigates the murder of a chemical tycoon, discovering that one of his partners murdered him to steal the secret contracts that would leave him as the sole owner of the Apex Chemical Corporation.  There are nine additional stories in this book featuring the characters: Speed Saunders, Buck Marshall, Bart Regan, Spy, Crimson Avenger, Bruce Nelson, Dr. Fu Manchu, Cosmo the Phantom of Disguise, Plain Clothes Pete, and Plain Clothes Pete.

I re-recorded the intros to podcast segments.  I hope you enjoy!  This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #52. We will start the show with some Listener Feedback. (I also grovel for some email and I-Tunes Reviews)  Next, the long-awaited return of Russell’s Comic Brag.  Next, I will be presenting a Spotlight for Superman’s Guests, The New Doom Patrol.  And finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

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