Episode #29: DC Comics Presents #29 (Superman & The Spectre)

Episode 29

Episode #29 (Superman & The Spectre)


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The Incredible HulkThe Incredible Hulk

Fireside Book Series – Collects Incredible Hulk (1962-1999 1st series) #3, Fantastic Four (1961-1996 1st Series) #12, Avengers (1963-1996 1st Series) #3, and the Hulk stories from Tales to Astonish (1959-1968 1st Series) #60-75 and 88. Featuring some of the Jade Giant’s earliest adventures including his origin and some of his greatest battles with the Avengers, Sub-Mariner, Fantastic Four, the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime, the nefarious Leader, and more. Featuring appearances by Rick Jones, Betty Ross, and General “Thunderbolt” Ross, the man who would become the Hulk’s most tenacious adversary.

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #29. We’ll start this episode with an email, a couple of I-Tunes reviews, and some talk about the Facebook page. I will be presenting the Spotlight for Superman’s Guest, The Spectre. Our “Whatever Happened To..?” segment will delve into Dr. Mid-Nite where I will have a Spotlight Extra as well as the story itself. Finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

One comment on “Episode #29: DC Comics Presents #29 (Superman & The Spectre)

  1. Another fun episode. Golly, you’re really back with a vengeance: Two episodes in about a week! Don’t burn yourself out!
    I’m hoping that, after these past three issues, which are all part of the same adventure, in a way, will return a less arrogant Superman to us. The Man of Tomorrow has been uncharacteristically headstrong and less of a “team player” than I like lately.
    I must say, too, that the last issue and this one combined, make me a bit sad, not because of what’s in them, but because they remind me of the (then) future fate of Supergirl in the Crisis on Infinite Earths (one of the saddest days of my comic book reading life).
    On the “Whatever Happened To” feature, I always enjoy time with Dr. Mid-Nite. I love the part of his origin story in which an owl crashes through his window, inspiring his crime-fighting persona, much like Batman’s inspiration with a bat. Homage or blatant rip-off? You decide.
    Looking forward to Superman’s team-up with the Black Canary.


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