Episode #21: DC Comics Presents #21 (Superman & The Elongated Man)

Episode 21

Episode 21 Superman & The Elongated Man

Russell’s Comic Brag

Superman 171Superman #171

Superman agrees to carry several instruments to an alien world to study an unusual reaction inside that world’s sun. While on the alien planet, the sun changes from yellow to red robbing Superman of his powers. He is able to send a message back to Earth. He meets a race of cave men. One of the cave men steals his costume, then he contracts a fever. Eventually Lois, Jimmy, and an astronomer arrive as part of a rescue party. Jimmy retrieves Superman’s costume and they return to Earth.

This episode we delve into DC Comics Presents #21. I will be reading a couple of emails and be bringing another installment of “Russell’s Comic Brag“. I will be doing a Spotlight on Superman’s Guest Star, The Elongated Man. Plus, we will go to the Comic Spinner Rack to see what other comics were on sale.

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