DC Comics Presents Annual #4 (Superman & Superwoman) Guest Host: Ted Kilvington

DCCPShow Annual 4

DC Comics Presents Annual #4 (Superman & Superwoman)


It’s the return visit to The DC Comics Presents Show for podcaster, Ted KilvingtonTed opens the podcast with a Spotlight on Superman‘s guest, Superwoman.  (which is a return to the podcast in itself)  He talks about his personal history regarding Superwoman.  Next, Ted takes a short trip to the Comics Spinner Rack.  Finally, Ted concludes this podcast with his synopsis and go-thru of DC Comics Presents Annual #4.

2 comments on “DC Comics Presents Annual #4 (Superman & Superwoman) Guest Host: Ted Kilvington

  1. An excellent job, once again, Mr. Kilvington! Thank you for this trip back to the late Bronze Age and one of my favorite characters, Kristin (Superwoman) Wells. I’ve had a tremendous affection for her since her original appearance in Elliot S! Maggin’s novel Miracle Monday, and I loved that she turned out to be Superwoman in DC Comics Presents Annual #2. I’m a big admirer of Maggin’s writing, and I’d like to point out that he re-issued the novel Miracle Monday (long out of print) on May 15, 2017, which was Miracle Monday of last year. I’ve re-read that novel every year in May, since its original publication in 1978, and I enjoy it anew each time.
    You certainly did a fine episode here, presenting and analyzing the issue. There is one point, though, that I’ve never understood about this story: Luthor’s plot seems to depend on Superman being at LuthorCon III, but, how did he know Superman would be there? Superman took on the role of actor Greg Reed playing Superman, to help out Greg while he was hospitalized. Unless Luthor planned the accident, knowing, somehow, that Superman would take Greg’s place, why have actual kryptonite there, and why use it on “Greg Reed”?
    I don’t understand how anyone could suggest that this story takes place after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The issue came out during the Crisis, and certainly has a pre-Crisis “sensibility” to it.
    As for the different versions of Barry Elkin in this issue and Miracle Monday, I suspect that this may be the name of a person Elliot S! Maggin knows in real life. He sometimes has a habit of giving minor characters the names of people he knows.


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