Episode #32: DC Comics Presents #32 (Superman & Wonder Woman)

Episode 32

Episode #32 (Superman & Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman

Russell’s Comic Brag

ActionComics 430
Action Comics #430

Superman is warned about a lizard-being from the 420th Century, the Quakerer, who has the power to change his own appearance or that of other beings or objects, and who has come back to the 20th Century to find a weapon that will destroy the humans of the future. The Quakerer is disguised as one of Clark’s neighbors, but he does not know who. And Clark Kent and several of his neighbors, one of whom is the Quakerer, are stranded in the past by a strange bus-ride.

This time out, we’ll be getting into DC Comics Presents #32. We’ll start this episode with a “Russell’s Comic Brag” segment.  I will be presenting “an extra long” Spotlight for Superman’s Guest, Wonder Woman. Our “Whatever Happened To..?” segment will delve into the Mark Merlin & Prince Ra-MAN where I will have a Spotlight Extra on the character or characters (I  never did figure that out) as well as the story itself.  And finally, we will take a trip to the Comic Spinner Rack.

2 comments on “Episode #32: DC Comics Presents #32 (Superman & Wonder Woman)

  1. Another good episode. First of all, don’t worry about not knowing much about Mark Merlin and Prince Ra-Man. Those two are almost the dictionary definition of obscure characters. Second, I must admit that, although I really like Wonder Woman as a character, I’ve never been a fan of the occasional attempts by writers to pair her and Superman romantically. I understand why they do it: They’re both iconic characters of roughly similar power levels and with similar durations, as characters. I also think that these attempts at romantic pairing (thankfully on the rare side) fall flat, and clearly, in this case, it was shown from the very beginning to be “artificial” and needed to be corrected. Superman belongs with Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman belongs with Steve Trevor, at least in my mind, so I’m glad that’s how things ended up in this issue.


  2. Love the podcast! Personally I enjoy issues like this where they would push the limits of what is acceptable at the time and subvert the status quo a bit.


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