DC Comics Presents #94 (Superman & Harbinger • Lady Quark • Pariah) Guest Host: Mike Peacock

Episode 94

Episode #94 (Superman & Harbinger • Lady Quark • Pariah)

Russell’s Comic Brag

Siegel And Shuster: Dateline 1930’s

In sort of a Tag-Team Match, this episode is brought to you by Guest-Host and fellow podcaster, Mike Peacock with some hot tags to me along the way. Mike opens the show by introducing himself before giving me the hot tag to do everyone’s favorite segment, Russell’s Comic Brag.  (OK…I might be exaggerating!)  Next, I will give a Spotlight on Superman‘s Guest, Harbinger, Lady Quark and Pariah before tagging Mike back in.  Mike will then be performing his signature moves in bringing you the Comic Spinner Rack followed by going through this episode’s comic, DC Comics Presents #94.  Finally, I will take us home with some final comments about the issue.

Justice’s First Dawn: A Classic Justice League of America Podcast

One comment on “DC Comics Presents #94 (Superman & Harbinger • Lady Quark • Pariah) Guest Host: Mike Peacock

  1. Mike Peacock, you’ve done an excellent job summarizing and analyzing a pretty odd and lackluster issue. I agree with your point that Harbinger, Lady Quark, and Pariah really shouldn’t be considered “celebrities” in the near aftermath of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, since virtually everyone, at that point, had no memory of the Crisis. I also agree that the idea of these three as super-powered “investigators” was pretty lame. The whole story has a “thrown together” feel, as if someone pulled a half-finished pre-Crisis story out of a file drawer and said, “The series is ending soon, anyway. Let’s use this.” I read this issue when it was released originally, and hated it, partly because I really disliked the Crisis on Infinite Earths, itself. As I’ve mentioned in comments on other episodes of this podcast, I never agreed that the multiverse needed “fixing”, and, over time, DC has brought back much of the old multiverse, anyway. Thanks to your analysis here, I’ve also realized that this was just not a very good story.
    I’ve always been a big fan of the Justice League, especially the Silver and Bronze Age incarnations of the group, so I think I’ll have to check out your Justice’s First Dawn podcast. Thank you for a fun listen, even though the actual issue wasn’t that great.


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